About us


Jack of all trades, master of none, and by none, I mean all’ is what best describes Amsterdam based artist collective Order. Five fine gentlemen, all with different backgrounds, combining their expertise to create, well, everything.

Etienne, who started off doing graffiti, then rolled into tattooing at an early age. Tomas is also committed to the fine art of tattooing and has always been busy with music and painting. Nanno is a music digger by heart and infamous for throwing illegal raves around the city. Henri aka Henny Loc aka the funky hood chef has been cooking it up with graffiti, music and a makes a goddamn good soto soup. And last but not least. Joshua, our nutty professor loved to skate as a young boy and is a outstanding photographer. Order is impossible to miss, from youngsters to people beyond their prime from our parents ancient times.

It’s hard to put a label on Order, which makes it stand out from the rest hence their diverse list of collaborators in the past 2 years. Names like Patta, Ben-G, Converse, Bonne Suits, Vice, Edwin, Appelsap Festival, Subbacultcha, Red Light Radio.
Based in The Amsterdam Red Light district , Dollebegijnensteeg 7a.