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New A3 Riso print by graffiti writer ‘’TRIPL” a Dutch legend that has been dominating trains and subways for almost 2 decades. Name of the print Stroboscopic Artifacts’. Edition of 50, 270 grams paper, signed and numbered. The design is based on an optical illusion which is “visible” on, for example, your phone- or computer screen.  

What’s going on?
The dot on the ‘i’ initially seems to rotate smoothly, but in fact it’s made of various stills, each with a different rotation angle. Throughout the video the rotation angle is being increased step by step, which makes the dot seem to rotate faster, until the moment it starts getting out of control and even the colors start changing. Depending on what type of screen you’re watching this (most smartphones have a screen refresh rate of 60Hz), you’ll probably see the red-green-blue changing to a yellow-purple-turquoise setup. But… Do the colors really change? Try making a print screen of the changed colors. Are the colors still different in the print screen??

The design of the print is based on the 4 different stages the video can be divided in:

1. The dot rotates slowly and the red-green-blue remain quite stable
2. The dot starts spinning faster, the red-green-blue start getting wild
3. The colors change and are still acting wild
4. As the rotation angle gets closer to 180°, the yellow-purple-turquoise seem to become more and more stable.

However, throughout all 4 stages the dot of the ‘i’ remains the same.